Soul Cultivation: Ten Weeks Of Healthy Missional Prayer from Far West Region Church Health Team

Starting Jan 14, 2019

Prepare the soil of your congregation for transformation with a season of ground-breaking prayer. This new field-tested devotional, created by FWR Church Health team, fits any size church and is a great resource, even if your congregation has not yet participated in the Congregational Vitality Pathway.

Soul Cultivation is a 10-week devotional designed to unite your church community in common prayer and conversation about being and becoming a healthier, more missional church.

Cultivating change and transformation in an established congregation is hard and sometimes seems next to impossible.  Leaders come up with wonderful plans, march full steam ahead and then look behind only to wonder why no one is following.  A recent business journal found that – “not only do 70% of organizational transformations fail, but the failure rate may even be increasing”.  They discovered that the most common leadership mistake when it comes to change and transformation is the failure to prepare the way for change.  If the organization is not ready for change or doesn’t see the need, it is simply not going to happen. 

Jesus is the expert on change and transformation. His parable, The Sower and the Seed, is a master level lesson on the crucial necessity of how preparing for change must proceed the change itself, if the change is to last.  The seed that is sown is powerful and potent. No worries about the seed.  It sprouts anywhere you scatter it. It is Miracle Grow on steroids.  It is the degree of soil cultivation that is the determining factor of healthy lasting growth.  Plant in hard soil, rocky soil, or weedy soil and your results are slim to nothing.  Cultivate the soil, prepare the way for the seed and look out- you have an abundant harvest.

A.W. Tozer wrote that we often have poor results in our churches and in our Christian lives because we foolishly try to plant before the plow instead of behind the plow and then wonder why we have such a poor harvest.  The path to transformation and health is paved with prayer.  Prayer is a powerful and often overlooked tool for clearing rocks, pulling weeds, and cultivating the soil of our souls. 

Each Monday through Friday, for 10 weeks participants will receive an email with scriptures, readings and prayers based on the 10 marks of a healthy missional church.  By “healthy” we mean pursuing Christ and by “missional” we mean pursuing Christ’s priorities in the world. Healthy missional churches are made up of healthy missional Christians.  So each week begins with prayer for personal transformation and ends with prayer for congregational transformation.

You can sign up yourself, your church leaders, or your whole congregation by clicking here. If you have questions or would like to see samples click here.