Church Multiplication

Our Partnership with Gospel Ventures

In the Far West Region, we approach church multiplication in partnership with the Gospel Venture Network, an organization of apostolic leaders on mission to equip and connect churches & leaders for kingdom expansion.

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Planting & Missional Leaders

The building blocks and pathways of multiplication

Building Blocks of Multiplication

Multiplication is about so much more than “planting churches”. We are partners with the Gospel Ventures Network to equip and connect churches and leaders for Kingdom expansion.

The building blocks of multiplication lead to three strategic pathways for our missionary leaders and team to pursue: the preparation pathway, the planting pathway, and the organizing pathway.

Our Pathways

Preparation Pathway

A season of call discernment, training, and affirmation of missionary leader and team.

Planting Pathway

This is where your missionary team is sent to location to gather & found new disciples in faith.

Organizing Pathway

Church is sustaining with emerging leaders, financial stability, and progress toward multiplying

Sending & Sponsoring Churches

3 ways your church can get involved

1. Take a practical step

1. Pray intentionally for a planting couple and their team.

2. Invite a planter to share his vision with your Board/Church.

3. Pick a planting couple and financially support them with what you can.

4. Pick a church plant and give them a one-time gift (childcare equipment, A/V equipment, office supplies, computer, etc.).

5. Send a planting couple out to dinner or on an overnight retreat as a gift of encouragement.

6. Encourage your congregation to hold a “baby church shower”

7. Plan to build church planting as a line item into your 2016 budget.

8. Partner with other churches in your area in planting a church.

9. Send team members from your church to participate in a plant.

10. Draw, develop, deploy a planter and team from your church to start a new work.

2. Take the sending capacity assessment

3. Consultation for structuring and strategizing…

Sending Networks & Classes

Our hope is for all of the classes of the FWR to exist in a healthy functioning multiplication environment. Through our partnership with Gospel Ventures, the region offers help in developing these environments in order to train, assess, coach, care for, and develop missionary/planting leaders and teams.


With Gospel Ventures
John Alwood

John Alwood

Coach to Missionary Planting Teams

Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes

FWR Multiplication Leader