Leadership Profile Assessment

A Resource for Personal Growth, Ministry Development and Team Building

¬†Any of us can behave in any way at any given time. When asked how we would relate in a situation, we tend to say, “Well, it all depends.” And to a certain degree, it does.

However, God has hard-wired each of us with a set of different characteristics out of which we see, hear, process and experience people and the world around us. This series of assessments are intended to help you identify who you are at your core.

God has uniquely made you in some specific ways for His purposes for your life.

The importance of your Leadership Profile is to provide you, and especially those around you, an awareness of how you are most likely to behave when no one is looking. By understanding how you are most likely to move-and-shake, you and others are better aware of how to build teams and serve together.

Every Christ-follower is seeking to be faithful, fruitful and fulfilled in meaningful places of service. Knowing who God make you to be and how you can best express yourself is a gift I hope you will receive through this process. This may also reveal why you are more motivated and fruitful in some situations than you are in others.

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