Judea…Samaria…and to the ends of the earth!


The Executive Team of the Far West Region is sponsoring a trip to Israel and Turkey.  We thought it would be a meaningful trip for many of those in the region that have wanted to go but would like to go with a like-minded group.  So, we are making this trip available to our pastors, congregations, and friends in the Far West Region.

Please look over the following brochure with the dates, sites and costs involved.  Our local guide/host will be Daniel Teerman who has led previous trips with the following feedback:

” was very appreciative of Daniel’s leadership on our Israel trip – His knowledge of the land, the Bible and of the group he was leading was a huge factor in the overall impact of our time in the Holy Land.  If I were to do it again, I’d want Daniel as our guide and our shepherd.”

-Scott Pontier, Lead Pastor of Jamestown Harbor Church, Jamestown, MI

“I had the privilege of going to Israel on a trip led by Daniel Teerman.  To be frank, my expectations were low for it was my wife who really wanted to go, not me.  As our adventures began I was simply blown away with the awesomeness of the trip.  To be sure the sites rooted in biblical history were nothing short of breathtaking.  Yet the most amazing thing for me was Daniel’s leadership.  He exhibited a remarkable ability to bring the ancient to the present.  Biblical locations came to life with his spot on descriptions and teachings.  His humble, yet well informed, demeanor was simply incredible. Additionally the logistic end of the trip could not have gone any smoother – thanks in large part to Daniel’s leadership.  I want to go back, but only if I can go with Daniel.”  

-Rob Link, Church Planter and Lead Pastor of The River Church, Kalamazoo, MI

“One of the greatest parts about having Daniel Teerman as a tour guide and leader in Israel is that he was able to keep everything we did centered on the Gospel.  He approached every scenario with confidence, background knowledge and a desire to deepen our understandings of the Scriptures.  On top of that, his organization, ability to keep the group together and clear directions of how things would operate made for a seamless tour throughout the Holy Land.” 

-Will Brooks, Lead Pastor of Massapequa Reformed Church

Here is the brochure to look over and share will those who may want to consider this special opportunity.  If you have any questions, it is best to talk to Daniel Teerman directly with your questions:  (559) 467-4847

Prayerfully consider this unique opportunity to travel to the Holy Land with those you love and serve with.