We need better communication in the church.

If you want to up your communication game but don’t have a ton of time or finances to invest in the process, I would encourage you to start here. The following are 4 great (and free) tools. The first two will help you communicate and work better with your leadership and the second two will set you up to communicate better with your congregation.

You can start with all of these for free.

1. Slack

Before you can communicate with your congregation, you need your leadership communicating with itself. Slack will help you eliminate email & texting and provide a platform for ongoing communication and collaboration.


2. Wunderlist

Once you’ve started communicating with your leadership, now it’s time to start working together. Wunderlist is an intuitive task/project management tool that allows you to keep your own “to do” lists as well as share and assign tasks to your team.


3. Planning Center People

Planning Center People is a powerful first step in creating your Church Management System (ChMS). It allows you organize your congregation, make custom categories, create workflows, integrate with MailChimp and best of all, it’s free!


4. MailChimp

MailChimp is a powerful and well designed email campaign service that integrates with Planning Center People. With it you can design email templates, create links, embed videos, build automated emails, and much more.



Want to learn more? Checkout www.clearpath.academy